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Lidl SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Smart

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On December 5, 2022, Lidl is back in the spotlight with its multifunctional food processor: the Monsieur Cuisine Smart. This device took over from the Monsieur Cusine Connect launched in 2019.

Don’t miss this offer in your Lidl stores from Monday, December 5, 2022 at the price of 429€. If you have the Lidl+ card, you will receive an immediate discount of 70€ on the device. The robot is therefore sold 359€ instead of 429€.

A robot that benefits from the aura of its predecessor, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect

Launched for the very first time in the summer of 2019, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor from SilverCrest and distributed exclusively by Lidl has created a fervor around multifunctional food processors. Once unaffordable, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect has greatly contributed to simplifying access to these products with much more accessible prices. With a huge national success, this model has since suffered the arrival of dozens of “cheap” multi-function food processors, all aiming to dethrone the undisputed market leader.

In order to preserve its leadership, the manufacturer wished to quickly replace its flagship product in order to offer more and more novelties and to improve the quality/price ratio of the robot. This model has preserved the qualities of its predecessor and contributed to the manufacturer’s sales figures.

The aesthetic changes of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart

In terms of aesthetics, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart looks very similar to the Monsieur Cuisine Connect. The bowl, for example, is still standing above the engine block. The only notable physical difference is the handles, of which there are now 3. A central handle is now installed on the bowl to make it easier to handle the bowl when it is full.

If you are not used to the Mister Cuisine Connect, you will certainly not have noticed the enlargement of the screen from 7 to 8 inches. According to the manufacturer, the responsiveness of the screen has been improved. The navigation has been simplified with either automatic programs or recipes. The integrated videos help a lot to explain each step of the recipes.

The built-in scale of the Mister Cuisine Connect had some latency. The Monsieur Cuisine Smart scale is accurate to 5g and has a tare function. The latency has been improved with a faster display. The Thermomix TM6 competitor remains the best on the market with an accuracy to the gram.

Technical changes of the SilverCrest Robot

Inside the robot, the changes are more interesting. Indeed, the manufacturer has revised its copy and corrected some of the main defects of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

One of the main new features of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart is its significant increase in power. This new version is equipped with a new, more powerful motor with a maximum power consumption of 1200 W, including 1000 W for mixing. The previous version of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect was only 800 W. This allows it to knead twice as much dough, whereas the motor used to show signs of weakness for the same quantity. The Monsieur Cuisine Smart is close to the Thermomix TM6, which has a power of 1500 W.

Moreover, a few automatic cooking programs are added to the final copy. Fermentation, simmering, egg cooking, boiling water, making smoothies and vacuum cooking are among the new automatic programs.

The programs will be accompanied by video-guided cooking for a certain selection of recipes. We can’t wait to test this feature that could be a real asset.

Regarding the Google voice assistant, to avoid the controversy of the integrated microphone on the old model, SilverCrest has voluntarily decided not to reintegrate a microphone on the new model. Therefore, direct voice control will not be available on this robot. Instead, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart is equipped with a Google voice assistant that can be used with a compatible device such as the Google Home Mini to interface with the robot. Through this assistant, the user is able to effectively control the robot by voice.

Lidl Silvercrest Mister Kitchen Smart @Lidl](images/lidl-silvercrest-monsieur-cuisine-smart-google.jpg)

As far as accessories are concerned, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart comes with the classic accessories, namely inner and upper steam baskets, a flexible spatula and a beater. Nothing new on this side to make your recipes. On the other hand, these recipes can be personalized and adapted to your parameters. In addition, the creation of a shopping list and other features such as weekly planning or recipe suggestion will be possible directly on the robot.

New features at a very competitive price

Available for purchase at 429€, you can get a 70€ discount if you have the Lidl+ card. The re-release of Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Smart in 2022 is highly anticipated by customers. The release of the manufacturer’s models since 2019 has not ceased to cause sometimes crazy scenes on the shelves. In March, a woman had been transported to hospital after a big scramble in the aisles of a store to get the robot.

So, on 2022, December 5, 500 supermarkets of the company are ready to welcome customers for the marketing of the star device. The manufacturer has already sold nearly 180,000 units of the Monsieur Cook Smart at the launch in 2021.

All in all, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart comes dangerously close to high-end food processors like the famous Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk. Its new features mean that it can now be compared to the big boys. But in addition to its similar features, the Monsieur Smart Food Processor from Lidl has another great advantage, namely its price. Indeed, the robot is offered at a price three times lower despite the slight inflation it has experienced.

While the Monsieur Cuisine Connect multifunctional food processor could already do almost everything, the Smart version will be even more complete. It is on these particular points that we appreciate the brand’s products. Indeed, SilverCrest is always trying to offer new products on the market with each new launch.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart is well on its way to remaining the leader of the multifunctional food processor sector at affordable prices, not to say low cost. Indeed, the term low cost could be associated with a low-end product of poor quality, which is absolutely not the case with this food processor which, despite its very low price, offers some of the most efficient cooking results and programming on the market. In terms of quality-price ratio, this is without a doubt the most interesting food processor.