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Black Friday 2023 food processors deals

The manufacturers of multifunctional food processors are increasingly numerous on the market, the competition is tough and many offers are available during Black Friday 2023. Our editorial staff collects all the offers of food processors and will share with you the good deals for this Black Friday 2023 (November 24) and Cyber Monday 2023 (November 27).

Black Limited Edition Thermomix TM6

Vorwerk’s highly acclaimed Thermomix TM6 multi-function food processor is now available in a new color, called “Black Limited Edition”. Available for sale from mid-February until the end of March 2022, there is no doubt that this food processor will quickly find buyers.

Thermomix Friend enters the food processor market

Vorwerk has just launched its brand new compact connected robot, the Thermomix Friend. This multifunctional robot is an extension connected via Bluetooth to the Thermomix TM6.

Thermomix TM7 from Vorwerk

No need to introduce the Thermomix. It is one of the leading multi-cookers on the market. The brand benefits from its notoriety built over several decades.

Thermomix Blade Cover and Peeler VS Mixcover Potato Veggi Peeler

Long criticized for the absence of a peeler, the Thermomix now welcomes this accessory sold alongside the robot. The Mixcover veggi peeler and the Thermomix peeler blade cover are the two leading peeling products for the Thermomix robot.

Battle between the Thermomix TM6 multifunction food processor and the Bosch Cookit

Available for pre-order since February 10, the Bosch multifunctional cooking robot from Bosch wants to compete with the market leader, its German competitor the TM6. Long awaited on the market after multiple postponements of the launch date, the robot intends to keep its promises and compete with the current market leader with new features.

Thermomix at the China International Import Expo Shanghai 2020

In its third consecutive year at the 2020 China International Import Expo, the German multinational conglomerate Vorwerk has expanded its exhibition area as it showcases its three star brands.

Thermomix spatula with the TM7

Positioned as the undisputed market leader, the German manufacturer Vorwerk continues to market its Thermomix worldwide. The success is due to a product that is above all complete and of high quality.

The Thermomix TM8: an intelligent and ultra-connected futuristic robot

While the star German manufacturer Vorwerk has not yet informed its customers about the release of a new model since the TM6 has just been released, it would be interesting to look at new features that could justify such an investment.

The concept of batch cooking revisited with the Thermomix from Vorwerk

The concept of “batch cooking” has recently been imported from Anglo-Saxon countries. The principle of batch cooking is simple. As its name suggests (cooking in batches in French), it is simply a matter of preparing in advance all the ingredients of different recipes in order to free up time during the week by avoiding long cooking sessions.

Thermomix Cookidoo shoppable recipes

Thermomix cements itself at the heart of the smart kitchen with the launch of its new Shoppable Recipes feature on Cookidoo, the kitchen appliance’s integrated recipe and meal planning ecosystem that boasts over 50,000+ guided recipes.

Main Vorwerk group dates

Carl and Adolph Vorwerk founded the Group in Germany in 1883. Before producing robots in our modern times, the group manufactured high-end carpets and rugs. In 1929, in search of the most efficient solution for carpet care, the group created the first carpet vacuum cleaner under the brand name Kobold.

Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk

Replacing the Thermomix TM5, the Thermomix TM6 multifunction cooking robot was officialized in March 2019. The German brand Vorwerk took everyone by surprise by making a surprise announcement, to the great displeasure of the new Thermomix TM5 purchasers.