Dec 1, 2021 4 min read

Thermomix Blade Cover and Peeler VS Mixcover Potato Veggi Peeler

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Long criticized for the absence of a peeler, the Thermomix now welcomes this accessory sold alongside the robot. The Mixcover veggi peeler and the Thermomix peeler blade cover are the two leading peeling products for the Thermomix robot. Here is a small comparison between the 2 leading accessories.

The Veggi Peeler Mixcover

Initially intended only for the German market, access to the Veggi Peeler Mixcover has since been extended to other countries including France. The accessory is available for less than $30 on online sales platforms such as Amazon. This accessory proposed by a third party manufacturer aims above all to simplify the daily life of users with a considerable time saving during the preparation of recipes.


Capable of peeling several kinds of fruits and vegetables, the utensil ensures a satisfactory result during the various tests. However, beware of food with a loose skin. Indeed, Mixcover, the manufacturer, indicates that the accessory is not capable of peeling the skin of these foods. If you try this, you will end up with mushy fruit or vegetables.

Using the Veggi Mixcover Peeler is very simple. Simply place the accessory in the bowl of the multifunction food processor and add the fruit or vegetables and 300 ml of water. We also appreciate its design which prevents the user from injuring himself while positioning the disc in the robot. You will then have to activate the robot and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e. to indicate 3 minutes to the robot at power 3. For an optimal result, the maximum weight not to be exceeded is about 1.8 lb. Beyond that, there is a risk of overloading the machine, which could degrade the quality of the peeling. If you want to prepare a larger quantity, you will have to do it in several sessions.

This plastic peeler is already available for purchase. It is compatible with the manufacturer’s recent models, namely the TM5, TM6 and TM31. The accessory can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Vorwerk Thermomix peeler blade cover: the new accessory to mark 50 years of the Thermomix

As part of the celebration of the 50 years of the Thermomix, Vorverk too has released a dual-function peeler for its recent models, the TM5 and TM6. The Thermomix peeler blade cover is a versatile cutting accessory. Designed to make life easier for users, this stainless steel utensil can be used to peel fruits and vegetables. However, Vorwerk insists that the peeler is not compatible with all fruits and vegetables. Thus, only regular shaped, firm-fleshed foods such as potatoes, turnips, carrots can be peeled with the peeler blade cover. To do this, simply install the accessory on the blades of the multi-function food processor and activate the automatic “peeling” program on the Thermomix TM6. For the Thermomix TM5 you can use the ‘Manual’ mode.


Once the blades are activated in the classic direction of rotation, the machine will be able to peel up to 1.8 lb of vegetables and 1.3 lb of water. The automatic program is a bit long, since it lasts 4 minutes, but the result is perfect and the food comes out completely peeled. A little tip: to avoid the creation of foam during the peeling process, add a few drops of oil and you’re done.

The peeler blade cover follows the standard direction of rotation for peeling fruits and vegetables. In the opposite direction, it ensures slow cooking and sous vide. It will then be positioned on the knives to protect the vacuum bags from contact with the blades during slow cooking or sous vide. The accessory is also dishwasher safe.

Slight advantage for the Vorwerk Thermomix blade cover

Already ultra complete, the robot is equipped with this new accessory to ensure recipes from start to finish. The result is convincing with even more ease of use for the customer. Available from the first half of 2022, the accessory will be offered at a price of $35.

Overall, the Vorwerk peeler blade cover is more versatile than its competitor the Mixcover veggi peeler. Indeed, although both provide a good quality of peeling, the blade cover is perfectly usable when cooking under vacuum for example while its competitor can not do so. The Blade Cover also gives a better impression of quality since it is made of stainless steel while the Mixcover is made of plastic. In the long run, the latter should therefore hold up better even if the Mixcover’s construction seems rather robust. Finally, the price of the 2 is about the same, about $5.