Oct 2, 2021 4 min read

Thermomix TM7 from Vorwerk

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Released in March 2019, the Thermomix TM6 could be offered for sale over the next 4-5 years, following the example of its predecessor. In an increasingly competitive market for food preparation, the manufacturer Vorwerk must continue to offer new products in order to maintain its position as market leader.

An increasingly competitive sector

More and more manufacturers of multifunctional robots are entering the market. However, after many years of growth, the sector has experienced a slight slowdown in 2019, despite the excellent commercial success of Lidl’s Mr. Kitchen Connect and the launch of the new TM6.

Currently offered at $1,299, the TM6 represents a fairly large budget compared to its main competitors who are positioning themselves up to 3 times cheaper for the cheapest among them. Over the years, the offer of these competitors has expanded in order to offer a quality product that is more and more complete.

Today, Vorwerk supports its prices with a brand image and a full warranty including parts, labour and 2-year comfort service. However, this competitive advantage will not last forever. Indeed, although it remains the leader in the sector, the manufacturer’s market share is shrinking. In order to maintain this leadership, it is obvious that Vorwerk is revising its offer downwards since the price is less and less justified. However, if it decides to maintain this price, it would be interesting to offer more content or functionalities to the customer.

Some areas for improvement

  • One of the biggest limitations is on the TM6 robot bowl container. Indeed, with a volume of 2.2 litres, it is in the low middle of the market for high-end robots. Unfortunately, this volume is too small to prepare food for a family of 6 people. Some competitors offer a volume of up to nearly 4 liters. The new TM7 should offer a higher volume to maintain its leadership.

  • A quieter product: despite a remarkable effort on the TM6, the product is still noisy. Therefore, the new Thermomix TM7 should continue this trend to reduce noise through other innovations.

  • New features: It would be interesting to integrate a grating or slicing function into the robot. Indeed, these 2 tasks are recurrent in the kitchen world and some competitors already integrate them. Within a few years, the integration of these functionalities should become the market standard.

  • A wider distribution network: Unfortunately, the TM6 is mainly available only through a direct sales network on online platforms. Indeed, Vorwerk has 2 shops in France offering the robot for sale. Only, competitors manage to gain market share on the Thermomix since it is available in major household appliance stores. By developing its distribution channel, Vorwerk could consolidate its leadership.

In short, Thermomix, Vorwerk’s flagship product, has a bright future ahead of it. We are waiting to get the official thermomix TM7 release date coming from Vorwerk: “Erscheinungsdatum”. Both the quality of the product, the materials chosen and the results of the dishes made by the robot will certainly ensure its continuity. There are only a few elements, and in particular the capacity of the bowl, that we feel need to be improved. The Vorvek teams do not communicate on any official release date for 2021 or 2022. However, it is important to take better care of the communication about the future replacement of the TM6. Indeed, the arrival of the latest model was done in complete anonymity. This had notably provoked the anger of the buyers of the previous model just before the release of the TM6. Indeed, they had a product that had already become obsolete a few days after the launch of the new product. The lack of communication had also hindered the product’s start-up, which was one of the slowest in its history. We are monitoring Vorwerk’s announcements to keep you informed of the release date of the new Thermomix TM7.