Nov 6, 2020 3 min read

Thermomix spatula with the TM7

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Positioned as the undisputed market leader, the German manufacturer Vorwerk continues to market its Thermomix worldwide. The success is due to a product that is above all complete and of high quality. The manufacturer also stands out for a well thought-out and ergonomic product that is perfectly suited for everyday use. Indeed, all the robot’s accessories are well thought out, such as the multifunction spatula.

The Thermomix spatula, a multifunction accessory

The spatula designed by Vorwerk has the role of scraping the walls during preparation and emptying the mixing bowl it contains. It is very simple to use, since to empty the preparation, simply position the spatula on the edges of the bowl. This will also prevent the spatula from touching the knives. Indeed, the blades of the Thermomix being very sharp, the spatula could be quickly damaged if it is badly positioned and the robot is running.

The spatula is the only link between your preparation and the bowl during the entire firing process. Indeed, during the entire preparation process, only the spatula will be used as an accessory to mix the ingredients in the bowl, emptying the preparation by easily scraping the mixtures with the most viscous textures.

The spatula is easy to use to remove the cooking basket. Simply insert the spatula through the hole in the lid of your Thermomix. The hook will clip onto the basket, and you will be able to remove it from the food processor. Highly resistant to heat, the spatula can be used even during cooking. However, make sure that the hook is properly inserted into the bowl before removing it from the food processor.

Perfectly optimal design

In addition to the shape of the spatula, which makes it ideal for scraping ingredients from the bowl, the spatula has been specially designed to avoid rolling on the work surface. This design will prevent you from having to rinse the bowl, especially if it falls to the floor. It also preserves its lifespan by limiting the risk of damage caused by the spatula falling.

In addition, the tip of the spatula does not touch the work surface at any time, which ensures an optimal level of hygiene during its use.

Finally, as mentioned above, the spatula is also equipped with a hook that the user must place in the notch of the firing basket in order to remove it from the bowl. This is a practical way to transfer the firing basket directly to the sink and drain the water there.

As you can see, the Vorwerk spatula stands out from the competition thanks to an optimized product that not only fulfills its primary function of scraping, but also has other features that make life easier for the consumer. Between its well thought-out ergonomics and its hook function, the spatula still justifies the effort made by the German manufacturer to remain the market leader.

We are all looking forward to the release of the Thermomix TM7, which could bring further innovation to the spatula.

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