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Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk

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Replacing the Thermomix TM5, the Thermomix TM6 multifunction cooking robot was officialized in March 2019. The German brand Vorwerk took everyone by surprise by making a surprise announcement, to the great displeasure of the new Thermomix TM5 purchasers. Now physically available in stores in Paris and Marseille, the multifunction robot continues to be marketed mainly through direct online sales channels.

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A positioning that wants to be top-of-the-range

The Robot is now offered at 1299€ which makes it one of the most expensive on the market. The manufacturer Vorwerk continues to maintain the positioning of its product in an elitist and high-end market despite an increasingly competitive sector. Indeed, for several years now, more and more competitors with lower prices have been entering the market, such as Lidl’s product and its surprising Mr. Cuisine Connect food processor.

The Thermomix TM6 retains the main properties of its predecessor, the TM5, while offering no aesthetic break. Also, the capacity of the bowl remains the same with a maximum capacity of 2.2 litres. This still represents a preparation of up to 6 people maximum.

Finally, the only thing that really changes aesthetically is the presence of the largest screen in the front. Indeed, the manufacturer Vorwerk offers a 6.8-inch screen as opposed to the 4.3-inch screen on the TM5. This is one of the largest screens on the market. In use, the difference is clearly visible in everyday use, as a larger screen allows for better readability. The information on the screen is easier to read. Also, unlike its predecessor, the screen also allows us to be able to scroll and switch in the different interfaces present on the screen, for example this could propose a smartphone or a touch tablet.

The Thermomix 6 features

The robot integrates a whole collection of digitized recipes, thus allowing it to expand and enrich its recipe catalogue. To do so, nothing could be simpler. Simply select a recipe in the same way as you did with the TM5. In addition, the user is accompanied from start to finish in the preparation of his meal with the possibility of choosing a level of difficulty. We recommend that you start with level 1 in order to get to grips with the robot and adapt to the instructions before moving on to level 3.

Once the dish has been selected, the TM6 gives you access to the entire list of ingredients needed to make the dish. Afterwards, all you have to do is press " start cooking “ and you will be taken in charge from start to finish, including for tasks not performed by the robot, such as washing products, preheating the oven, etc. In concrete terms, if you follow everything dictated by the robot to the letter, the margins of error on the recipes will be practically nil.

For budding cooks, this feature will be perfectly suitable. For more experienced cooks, there is also a manual mode similar to the one integrated on the TM5. You will then have 3 settings to make, namely the duration of the cooking program, the temperature range (which can be adjusted in steps of 5 degrees) and the rotation speed of the robot blades.

One of the biggest novelties on this Thermomix 6 is the appearance of the automatic program. Until now, the manufacturer Vorwerk has been content with step-by-step recipes and manual operation. Now there are a few automatic programs available for specific tasks such as dough kneading, fermentation function, kettle and much more. In addition, Vorwerk reserves the right to add functions through updates since the TM6 is connected to the Internet via WiFi. Finally, by observing the competition, we realize that this is mainly an alignment of the TM6 with the direct competitors.

Another novelty introduced by this Thermomix TM6 is the scale which is still integrated but is now accurate to the gram. Indeed, in the previous robot cooker, the scale displayed a weight accurate to 5 grams, which is no longer the case since the TM6 is reliable to the nearest gram. This is a big advantage over its predecessor, especially for baking, which requires a certain degree of accuracy.

Also, Vorwek has also taken into consideration the customer opinions of previous Thermomix customers. Indeed, they regretted the fact that the robot does not go beyond 140°C. This has now been done, as it is now possible to go up to 160 degrees. Of course the possible temperature range varies between 37°C and 120°C, but on certain recipes such as caramel, it will be possible to go up to 160°C. Please note that this is only allowed in recipes that are made with the multifunctional food processor. The new accessories delivered as standard with the TM6

The TM6 retains many of the same accessories as its predecessor although the spatula becomes slightly softer. However, when it comes to new multifunctional robots, it’s all about new accessories. Indeed, the TM6 comes with several new accessories including :

  • A new lid: This lid helps prevent splashing. Indeed, to avoid the spills of the previous models and in particular the projection of hot liquids, Vorwerk decided to introduce this cover. Please also note that some recipes require it, otherwise cooking will not start.
  • A new measuring cup : The new measuring cup differs from the previous one in that it can now fit into the hole in the lid, whereas in the previous version it could only fit into the hole. By clipping on, the dispenser can act as a wrist. The dispenser also acts as a sound absorber. Indeed the previous model was widely criticized for its sound flow. This cup allows the balance to be reduced by a few decibels.

You will have understood it, the manufacturer opts for the stability of the product. Indeed, he did not want to upset a product with a strong commercial success. The robot is relatively well thought out and is very complete.

Some points to consider before making your purchase

At a time when competitors are offering equally outstanding products at prices up to 3 times cheaper, Vorwerk continues to offer its products at €1299. It is then relevant to ask whether it represents a good investment.

All in all, the balance sheet of this Thermomix TM6 is very satisfactory. It is undoubtedly one of the best products on the market. However, we can still regret the absence of a larger container. Indeed, the bowl is limited to a capacity of 2.2 litres. Although the manufacturer mentions recipes for up to 6 people, the maximum capacity seems too small to satisfy a family of 6. Also, some interesting features are missing. Indeed, the TM6 doesn’t grater or slice, whereas some robots do. This remains quite disturbing considering the price of the product.

Moreover, the product is still very noisy despite the efforts made with the soundproofing doser. All in all, the TM6 remains the reference despite its high price. Indeed, it is in the detail that the multifunction robot makes the difference with its main competitors. While the latter have difficulty in faithfully making a complicated recipe such as a pastry, the TM6 does much better. That’s where it makes sense to buy it. Indeed, for the majority of recipes, a cheaper robot from the competition will be able to make it without any problem. On the other hand, if you are a pastry lover, this robot is made for you.

History of Thermomix

Here are the release dates of the different Thermomix models:

  • 1961 : Thermomix VKM5
  • 1964: Thermomix VM10
  • 1971: Thermomix VM2000
  • 1977: Thermomix VM2200
  • 1980: Thermomix TM3000
  • 1982: Thermomix TM3300
  • 1996: Thermomix TM21
  • 2004: Thermomix TM31
  • 2014: Thermomix TM5
  • 2019 : Thermomix TM6

##Detail of the device {#pieces}

In order to better understand the functions of the device, here is an exploded view of the different parts of the robot: ! Detail of the parts of the device