Dec 4, 2022 2 min read

Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional Food Processor test

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Lidl is offering a new edition of the Mister Kitchen Mini from December 5, 2022. Unlike its big brother Smart, the Mini is a toy. Children will be able to learn how to use a multi-functional food processor. We call this food processor a toy because only the mixing function is functional, the device cannot weigh or heat. The blade is made of plastic for safety reasons, the cutting and the power are limited. The toy is recommended for children from 3 years. Lidl’s multi-functional robot toy is guaranteed Bisphenol A (BPA) free and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The proposed price in December 2022 is €37.99 (the launch price was €34.99 in 2019).

Lidl has launched:

The robot is supplied with four AA batteries, you cannot connect the toy to the mains. An indicator on the screen will alert you when the batteries have no more capacity.

Many accessories are provided:

  • mixing bowl with lid and filling opening
  • steam cooking set with lid
  • plastic blade
  • blender
  • spatula
  • measuring glass

The Monsieur Cuisine Mini has a safety device that stops the motor as soon as the lid is opened

The Monsieur Cuisine Mini has a non-touch color screen. Children can interact with the rotary knob. The screen is small, the steps of the recipes are detailed with icons, you have to take the manual to associate each icon to a preparation step.

Examples of icons are:

  • glass: chocolate milk
  • mug: chocolate cake and cup
  • round with lines: waffle batter
  • glass with straw: raspberry yogurt
  • bowl with spoon: vanilla yogurt

Your children will be able to make five integrated recipes:

  • chocolate milk
  • waffle batter
  • valinne cream dessert
  • chocolate chip muffins
  • raspberry yogurt

You have access to many functions including :

  • time setting
  • motor speed setting
  • turbo mode
  • right or left rotation
  • temperature display (game function not functional)
  • display of my weight (game function not working)
  • dough kneading

This product will make people happy under the Christmas tree and will make an educational gift for children. Learning will be interesting by giving method and explaining how to follow the steps step by step. It is necessary to first teach the children the cooking times, the safe cutting of food, and the assembling of food. This tool is therefore a complement to learning to cook by showing the contribution of a robot for the automation of tasks and home-machine interaction.