Mar 17, 2022 4 min read

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools bread maker 850 W test

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Silvercrest’s reputation in the small appliance market is well established as its products are best-sellers. This is justified by the very competitive price/quality ratio of the products. But this does not explain everything. Indeed, the manufacturer is a master in communication by creating interest around its many products. Thus, practically no device is offered continuously. Instead, it favors short-term commercial operations to create excitement. Today, among all the appliances of the brand, it is the Kitchen Tools Silvercrest Lidl bread machine that we have tested.

Presentation of the Kitchen Tools Machine

The Kitchen Tools Bread Machine is a rather bulky device considering its features with dimensions of 27cm * 30cm * 40cm including the handles. This is reflected on its weight which is rather high with 5,8 kilos displayed on the scale. The machine is therefore rather bulky. It will be necessary to keep it a definite place on the work plan.

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Machine à pain 850 W

This small appliance has a motor power of 100 watts rather quiet when it is running as well as a heating power of 850 watts. The machine is made of stainless steel and the bowl and blades are made of non-stick coating.

An appliance designed for bread… but not only

The Kitchen Tools Bread Machine is, as its name suggests, a machine capable of making bread. Every year, the brand relaunches the marketing of this appliance at a low price. This bread machine does not stop at simply making bread. The Kitchen Tools Machine is also capable of mixing, leavening and kneading. The Kitchen Tools Machine is also able to perform some special programs such as baking gluten-free bread as well as fresh dough or pizza dough. Finally, the machine has a specific program for making jam and yogurt, all sold by Lild for just 49.99€. To ensure all these programs, the kitchens Tool machine from Silvercrest comes with :

  • a measuring glass ;
  • a measuring spoon;
  • a hook to remove the bowl;
  • two paddles ;
  • an instruction manual;
  • and finally, a recipe book

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Machine à pain 850 W

Note that the robot has 3 degrees of browning and 16 customizable programs. The Kitchen Tools Machine also integrate a timer, to warn you during preparations so that you can add the desired condiments. The maintenance of the Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Bread Machine 850 W is very simple. But for this, avoid the ingredients to harden in the bowl. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it directly after use. The other accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this machine is guaranteed for 3 years by the manufacturer. So be sure to keep the receipt.

What is the Silvercrest bread maker worth in everyday use?

The use of the bread machine is rather simple. First of all you will need to initially set up the bowl and put on the paddles before inserting your ingredients and choosing the program you want to run. However, remember to insert your liquid ingredients (milk, water etc.) first, before inserting the dry ingredients.

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Machine à pain 850 W

When running the programs, the machine is very efficient as it produces very good results for breads and buns. When testing the brioche, we chose the medium browning level. The result was true to what we wanted but the gilding is uneven with a more pronounced gilding on the sides than on the top of the brioche. On the other hand, the brioche inside is well baked and the taste is quite faithful to the original recipe if you follow the instructions in the recipe book. The machine perfectly controls the process of making the different doughs, right up to the baking. A small remark concerning the start-up: the robot will not start until the preheating system has reached the right temperature.

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Machine à pain 850 W

We particularly appreciate the fact that it is possible to add a few extra ingredients in the middle of a program to make bread. The selection of the degree of browning of the crust in 3 levels is also a plus.

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Machine à pain 850 W

All in all, this machine offers very satisfactory results, which makes it one of the most interesting machines on the market. This product sold for less than 50€ offers a lot of quality features. So you get a lot of value for your money. Unfortunately, the robot is not sold in stores all year round. That’s why we advise you to go to one of our partner stores to get your hands on the Silvercrest Kitchen Tools 850W bread maker.