Mar 19, 2022 4 min read

Test Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W

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SilverCrest already markets an oil fryer that has been a great commercial success. This year, the brand is back with a miniature version of the same fryer. As its name indicates, this appliance, designed for people living alone or with two people, offers the same services, at a reduced size and price. Here is our full review of the SilverCrest 850W Mini Fryer.

Presentation of the Mini Deep Fat Fryer

The miniature version of the SilverCrest fryer is a rather compact appliance with dimensions of 25.5 cm wide by 24.3 cm high and 20.9 cm deep. The mini fryer does not take up much space on your work surface. This can be seen on its weight since the device is very light. It is therefore necessary to be careful when the appliance is in use and to install it out of reach of children.

Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W

The Mini Deep Fat Fryer is a compact device and this reduced size is directly reflected in the oil tank which is limited to only 1.2 liters. The motor power is 850 W.

What is the Silvercrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer worth?

The SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer is an appliance that can be used to cook all types of food based on oil frying. Here is a non-exhaustive list of recipes that can be made with the device:

  • French fries;
  • all types of fried fish;
  • nuggets;
  • Seafood;
  • breaded meat;
  • fritters, bricks and samoussa.

To adapt to all these recipes, the thermostat of the Mini Deep Fat Fryer can be adjusted. Indeed, the thermostat of the device is adjustable over a temperature range from 90 ° C to 190 ° C. Note that this temperature is continuously adjustable up to 190 ° C which is appreciable.

A device faithful to the values of the brand ?

Like most of the brand’s appliances, the SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer, 850 W is very easy to use. Indeed, you will not encounter any difficulty in starting the device before using it. All you have to do is

  • Plug in the appliance;
  • start the fryer using the on/off button;
  • fill the pan with oil;
  • and set the desired temperature.

A green light will come on when the temperature is reached. However, be careful to measure out the oil before starting the appliance to avoid adding more oil once the fryer is running.

The simplicity of the device does not prevent it from being efficient. Thus, the cookings are well respected in spite of a relatively long time of heating. Indeed, it will take on average more than 7 minutes to heat up when competitors offer the same service for less than 5 minutes.

Moreover, when the SilverCrest 850 watt Mini Deep Fat Fryer is on, a condensation phenomenon is created at the lid level. You will have to be careful when you open the lid, as water may flow onto your work surface.

On the other hand, cleaning is not very easy. For example, there is a lot of oil on the edges of the fryer that you will unfortunately have to clean with a cloth and repeat several times for the grease to be completely removed. Moreover, it is impossible to clean the inside of the tank with water. You will have to clean it with a damp cloth as well. Fortunately, the frying basket is dishwasher safe.

Finally, note that the lid with window and grease filter is removable.


The SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer comes with two accessories by default.

  • Frying basket Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W
  • Handle Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W

You can find some Mini Deep Fat Fryer with fondue set.

Our opinion on the Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W of SilverCrest

Sold for the modest sum of 24,99€, it is difficult to find better value for money on the new market. In spite of the quality of the materials which do not transpire quality and which seems to us perfectible, the device assures all the same a good level of performance during its use. The cooking temperatures are respected.

Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W

As its name indicates, the appliance has a small capacity. It is therefore not suitable for large families and should appeal more to households consisting of one or two people at most. However, its ease of use and compactness make it a great device for the general public.

The only real negative point raised during this test concerns its maintenance, which is rather constraining and which should slow down many people. The manufacturer SilverCrest would gain by making all the elements of the fryer compatible with a dishwasher for obvious reasons of time saving and comfort.