Mar 14, 2022 4 min read

Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker Kitchen Tools test

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Silvercrest wants to come back to the forefront with two operations in a row. Firstly, the brand has re-launched its flagship product, the multi-functional food processor Mr. Kitchen Edition Plus, on Thursday 10 March 2022. The next day, a second appliance was added, the 2022 version of the Lidl Silvercrest electric multicooker.

Presentation of the electric multicooker

Since this Friday, March 11, 2022, Lidl offers its new appliance, the electric multicooker SilverCrest. In terms of design, the resemblance with the Instant Pot is disturbing as the 2 appliances from two different brands look alike. Apart from that, the multi-cooker has a rather sober design and an average size. When using it, apart from a few beeps when you press the keys, or when you wait for the end of cooking, or when the temperature is reached, the robot is rather discreet. This multi-cooker is presented as an all-in-one cooking appliance with many features. This 1000 watt appliance has preset cooking programs and a timer function to start your cooking at a later time.

In total, the SilverCrest electric multi-cooker offers no less than 12 programs that allow you to prepare sweet and savory recipes including :

  • rice ;
  • yogurt;
  • beef and meat;
  • poultry;
  • stew ;
  • soup;
  • simmer;
  • cake;
  • fish;
  • steaming and vegetables;
  • beans and red peppers;
  • multi-cereal;

In addition to these functions, the robot also offers searing and stir-frying, keeping hot, or changing the pressure level.

An easy to use food processor

The Silvercrest multi-cooker is very intuitive and easy to use. To use it, you will need to prepare the ingredients for the recipe beforehand, then pour everything into the bowl. Then, you will just have to choose your program through the integrated control panel and the robot will start. It’s child’s play. In most cases, it will not be necessary to monitor the robot while it is running. However, if your preparation requires you to fry ingredients, you will need to stay close to the food processor.

Upon purchase, the Silvercrest food processor comes with :

  • a steam basket with integrated handles; Steam basket with integrated handles, Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker
  • a drip tray to collect the condensation water; Drip tray, Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker
  • the measuring glass; Measuring glass, Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker
  • the soup spoon; Soup spoon, Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker
  • the rice spoon; Rice spoon, Lidl Sivercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker
  • and finally, a recipe book to give you original ideas for meals;

All the accessories are dishwasher safe. Cleaning the food processor is quite easy since its bowl is light and removable. In addition, the seal of the multi-cooker can be easily removed from the lid, which makes it easy to clean. Also remember to regularly empty the condensed water tank.

How does this food processor perform in use?

We tried a few recipes directly from the book that came with the Silvercrest electric multi-cooker: The soup was a great success with a perfect texture and a good taste in the mouth. The beef bourguignon is faithful to the original recipe, although you have to be careful with the amount of water the processor gives you. Finally, for the brownie, the result was less satisfactory, as the bottom of the cake was burned.

Offered at less than 65€, it is even possible to get an additional 15€ discount by downloading the free Lidl+ application. At this price, it goes without saying that this food processor offers services at an unbeatable price, if we compare it with its main competitors, including the very famous Cookeo from Moulinex, which is offered at a price 3 times higher. All in all, the food processor fully fulfills its function. But you should not be very demanding on the details or on the appearance of your preparations. Moreover, the timer that allows you to start a preparation up to 24 hours later is a real asset for this robot. There are no major flaws with this food processor, but it is good to note that the overall quality of the appliance leaves something to be desired. But we can still cover ourselves thanks to the 3-year warranty that comes with the device. Thus, the performance of the robot coupled with the exceptional discount should certainly attract a large number of customers. That’s why we advise you to go to the store quickly if you want to buy this new device and avoid the stock shortage as for the 3 in 1 multifunction food processor.