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Thomson I-Genimix, an ultra compact connected robot

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Presentation of the latest robot from Thomson

Exclusively available in Carrefour stores, the i-GeniMix multi-function food processor from Thomson is the latest model from the brand. This second generation model improves on its shortcomings with a larger capacity bowl, a qualitative 7" touch screen and hundreds of integrated recipes. The code name of this good product is the THCM245S.

An efficiently designed food processor

Great replacement for the Geni Mix Pro, the i-GeniMix is sold exclusively at Carrefour for 359 €. Positioned at an aggressive price, this food processor intends to overshadow the flagship food processor of the low-cost segment such as the Monsieur Cuisine Connect by Silvercrest and also sold exclusively by a single store, namely Lidl, or the Digicook by Arthur Martin sold only at Intermarché.

Thomson I-Genimix

The i-GeniMix multi-cooker robot has quite particular dimensions since it has a very large bowl in a relatively small motor block, and therefore does not take up too much space on the work surface. The dimensions were therefore optimized during the design of this robot, which is one of the most compact appliances on the market. Indeed, for only 18 cm in width and double in depth, the robot is able to accommodate a bowl of 4.5 liters of which 3.5 liters are useful. It is therefore possible to make recipes for 1 to 8 people, which is very rare on the market of multifunctional food processors.

The bowl is easy to handle thanks to the 2 handles on the sides. However, we deplore the absence of a central handle, which is very useful when handling the bowl while it is hot. This is all the more regrettable as some of its direct competitors offer it.

However, the i-GeniMix robot makes up for this with a relatively light bowl weighing only 1.5 kg. Be careful when handling the robot, since the motor block is also light and the suction cups are not very effective when the bowl is full. It is therefore not uncommon to lift the base of the robot when you want to remove the bowl. On the other hand, the Thompson food processor has a good point about the design of the lid. While many of its competitors have great difficulty closing the lid of the bowl, the i-GeniMix has absolutely no problems. The latter is made entirely of plastic, with a small opening to insert ingredients during cooking. On the other hand, the latter is relatively narrow. You will have to be precise to avoid overflowing.

The interface of the robot from Thomson

The i-GeniMix has a large 7 inch touch screen that is slightly tilted upwards to provide excellent visibility. It offers direct access to the guided kitchen. It also includes 500 recipes that you can easily find thanks to its organization by alphabetical order or by category of dishes such as drinks, desserts, pastries, starters etc. The interface is quite well designed and also includes a search function to easily find the desired recipe.

Thomson I-Genimix

Once you enter the menu of a recipe, you will have direct access to information about it. You will immediately know how long it will take to prepare, the type of cooking and the number of guests. In addition, before you start preparing the recipe, the touch screen will show you the list of all the ingredients needed for the preparation, the sequence of operations and the accessories that will be used. We particularly appreciate the tips that the robot offers to personalize the recipes to your taste.

On the other hand, it would have been preferable to separate some of the steps, since in many of the steps, there are integrated sub-steps, which limits the step-by-step dynamics that can be found in its direct competitor, the Mr. Cuisine Connect. All in all, the robot’s interface is quite appreciable with an excellent grip thanks to its intuitive menu. The touch screen responds well to the user’s actions and the menus and information are clear. Moreover, the connected interface will update the long list of recipes with a goal of 10 new recipes per month.

Advanced features of the i-GeniMix

The i-GeniMix has automatic programs such as kneading, simmering, grating or slicing, steam cooking and self-cleaning. During these programs, the robot automatically adapts the cooking time and temperature parameters according to the progress of the program. The motor delivers 1000W and the heater has a power of 1000W.

There is also a manual program in which each user can choose the duration of the cooking program, which can vary between 1 second and 90 minutes. The user can also vary the temperature in steps of 5°C within a range of 37°C to 130°C. Finally, the manual program also allows the user to vary the speed of the blades from the 1st speed to the 12th.

The robot has an integrated scale, accurate to within 5 grams. Beware here of display bugs. The screen does not display the weight of the scale instantly. You have to wait a little while for it to adjust. So avoid spilling your weighed ingredients into the bowl too quickly and before the weight is updated.

Its qualities as a blender are mixed, since it seems that the robot is a little too powerful and may not provide full satisfaction every time. You will have to rely on your eyes rather than on the mixing times of the automatic programs. The result might not be perfect with in some cases, too much cutting, and in other cases, the opposite. Moreover, the robot is very noisy when it starts to mix products. On the other hand, the robot’s cooking precision is surprisingly good with very small temperature differences.

i-GeniMix accessories

The multifunction food processor from Thomson comes with a multitude of accessories, which is more than enough for your daily routine. This versatile food processor comes with an inner steam basket and a steam tray that can be placed on top of the bowl.

Thomson I-Genimix

The kitchen accessories present at the time of unpacking are those that one expects from a multifunctional robot, namely the mixer, the whisk, and a 4 blade knife. The food processor also comes with a spatula and a vegetable grater. This last accessory is appreciated because it is very useful when preparing your recipes. This also sets it apart since many competitors do not offer this accessory as standard.

Thomson I-Genimix

Overall, the i-GeniMix is a good performer in terms of ergonomics and cooking quality. Its large touch screen is very responsive and does not give any impression of low cost. On the other hand, we appreciate less the dynamics of its menu once the cooking has started. Offered at less than 360€, the robot can be a credible competitor to the behemoths of the low cost food processor market. We should therefore expect a commercial success. It remains to be seen whether Thomson’s strategy of being a single distributor with Carrefour is a winning strategy or a risky one in terms of sales.

Thomson I-Genimix

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