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Lidl SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Smart

On December 5, 2022, Lidl is back in the spotlight with its multifunctional food processor: the Monsieur Cuisine Smart. This device took over from the Monsieur Cusine Connect launched in 2019.

Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional Food Processor test

Lidl is offering a new edition of the Mister Kitchen Mini from December 5, 2022. Unlike its big brother Smart, the Mini is a toy. Children will be able to learn how to use a multi-functional food processor.

Test Lidl SilverCrest Kitchen Tools Ice Maker 105 W

Back in the Lidl catalog, the SilverCrest Ice Maker, 105 W is the machine of the summer. Small review of the product from Lidl. Presentation of the SilverCrest Ice Maker The SilverCrest Ice Maker, 105 W is 24.

Test Lidl SilverCrest Mini Deep Fat Fryer 850 W

SilverCrest already markets an oil fryer that has been a great commercial success. This year, the brand is back with a miniature version of the same fryer.

Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional Food Processor test

Lidl continues its aggressive price positioning policy on multi-functional food processors by offering its brand new food processor for less than 60€. Always with the aim of seducing a clientele looking for good deals, the new multi-functional food processor will try to do as well as its big brother, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

Lidl Silvercrest Kitchen Tools bread maker 850 W test

Silvercrest’s reputation in the small appliance market is well established as its products are best-sellers. This is justified by the very competitive price/quality ratio of the products.