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Kenwood Cooking Chef Experience

If you love to bake and cook, the Kenwood Cooking Chef Experience makes many kitchen tasks easier. It is a food processor that helps you succeed in all your favorite recipes every time.

Ice cream maker Lidl SILVERCREST 12W

The Silvercrest ice cream maker is available again in Lidl stores. Silvercrest is strongly animating the market of small appliances. Indeed, the Lidl store sells the ice cream maker of the manufacturer at the price of 21,99€.

Moulinex Clickchef 1400 W + external steamer

Moulinex has created a nice reputation on the multifunction food processor market. Among others, its two star food processors the Cookeo and the Companion. Since then, the manufacturer has continued to develop ever more affordable products.

Thomson I-Genimix, an ultra compact connected robot

Presentation of the latest robot from Thomson Exclusively available in Carrefour stores, the i-GeniMix multi-function food processor from Thomson is the latest model from the brand.

The Livoo Super Cooker: a serious competitor for the Mister Cuisine Connect?

Livoo, a manufacturer of small appliances at very low prices, has just struck a blow on the market of food processors with its Super Cooker at less than 300€.

Battle between the Thermomix TM6 multifunction food processor and the Bosch Cookit

Available for pre-order since February 10, the Bosch multifunctional cooking robot from Bosch wants to compete with the market leader, its German competitor the TM6. Long awaited on the market after multiple postponements of the launch date, the robot intends to keep its promises and compete with the current market leader with new features.

Xiaomi OCooker TLLJE01ACM multifunctional robot

The Crowdfunding Xiaomi Youpin website announces the launch of the new Xiaomi OCooker TLLJE01ACM multi-function robot. The device supports 21 functions, including kneading, frying, steaming, stewing, braising, grinding, juice preparation or crushed ice.

New Philips convection fryer HD9860/90 Airfryer XXL Premium

Philips launched in July 2020 its new convection fryer the HD9860/90 Airfryer XXL Premium. You can cook from starter to dessert, this assistant will fry, bake, grill, roast and even reheat your dishes.

Thermomix at the China International Import Expo Shanghai 2020

In its third consecutive year at the 2020 China International Import Expo, the German multinational conglomerate Vorwerk has expanded its exhibition area as it showcases its three star brands.

Thermomix spatula with the TM7

Positioned as the undisputed market leader, the German manufacturer Vorwerk continues to market its Thermomix worldwide. The success is due to a product that is above all complete and of high quality.

The Thermomix TM8: an intelligent and ultra-connected futuristic robot

While the star German manufacturer Vorwerk has not yet informed its customers about the release of a new model since the TM6 has just been released, it would be interesting to look at new features that could justify such an investment.

The concept of batch cooking revisited with the Thermomix from Vorwerk

The concept of “batch cooking” has recently been imported from Anglo-Saxon countries. The principle of batch cooking is simple. As its name suggests (cooking in batches in French), it is simply a matter of preparing in advance all the ingredients of different recipes in order to free up time during the week by avoiding long cooking sessions.

Thermomix Cookidoo shoppable recipes

Thermomix cements itself at the heart of the smart kitchen with the launch of its new Shoppable Recipes feature on Cookidoo, the kitchen appliance’s integrated recipe and meal planning ecosystem that boasts over 50,000+ guided recipes.

My Little Chef Senya

Senya has recently released its first multifunctional robot model, the My Little Chef. In a competitive context, Senya’s robot stands out with its particularly aggressive price, since it is now sold for under 300€ after an initial sales price of 349€.

i-companion touch XL Moulinex 2020

By offering the i-companion in three market segments, Moulinex is now marketing multi-cooker robots. The companion will be available from €599 delivered only with its basic accessories, compared with almost €1200 for the i-companion touch XL, the latest connected robot and the most complete in the range.

Digicook Arthur Martin Intermarché

The Intermarché distribution brand marketed its Arthur Martin stamped cooker robot on December 10. It is a multifunction cooking robot launched at €349. This is €10 less than the price of its main competitor, Mr.

Cook Expert de Magimix

Launched in 2015, the Cook Expert is the very first food processor from the manufacturer Magimix. Available in 3 different colours (red, chrome and black), the Cook Expert robot cooker is a truly versatile appliance capable of performing many tasks.

CookEasy+ Kenwood

Nearly a year and a half after the release of its first multifunction robot Kcook Multi Smart CCL455SI, Kenwood is doing it again with its new model, the CookEasy+.