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Black Friday 2023 food processors deals

The manufacturers of multifunctional food processors are increasingly numerous on the market, the competition is tough and many offers are available during Black Friday 2023. Our editorial staff collects all the offers of food processors and will share with you the good deals for this Black Friday 2023 (November 24) and Cyber Monday 2023 (November 27).

Lidl SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Smart

On December 5, 2022, Lidl is back in the spotlight with its multifunctional food processor: the Monsieur Cuisine Smart. This device took over from the Monsieur Cusine Connect launched in 2019.

Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional Food Processor test

Lidl is offering a new edition of the Mister Kitchen Mini from December 5, 2022. Unlike its big brother Smart, the Mini is a toy. Children will be able to learn how to use a multi-functional food processor.

Black Limited Edition Thermomix TM6

Vorwerk’s highly acclaimed Thermomix TM6 multi-function food processor is now available in a new color, called “Black Limited Edition”. Available for sale from mid-February until the end of March 2022, there is no doubt that this food processor will quickly find buyers.

Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional Food Processor test

Lidl continues its aggressive price positioning policy on multi-functional food processors by offering its brand new food processor for less than 60€. Always with the aim of seducing a clientele looking for good deals, the new multi-functional food processor will try to do as well as its big brother, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

Ninja Foodi pressure Cooker Steam Fryer OL550EU with SmartLid test

Ninja’s latest food processor, the Foodi OL550EU, is an 11-in-1 multi-cooker that is also the most affordable of the Ninja family with a price tag of less than 250€, without being the least complete.

The connected food processor Mambo 10090 from Cecotec

The Spanish brand Cecotec intends to establish itself in the All-In-One kitchen appliances market with its Mambo 10090 food processor. Sold at less than 350€, will this robot be able to meet the expectations of its customers?

Thermomix Friend enters the food processor market

Vorwerk has just launched its brand new compact connected robot, the Thermomix Friend. This multifunctional robot is an extension connected via Bluetooth to the Thermomix TM6.

Thermomix TM7 from Vorwerk

No need to introduce the Thermomix. It is one of the leading multi-cookers on the market. The brand benefits from its notoriety built over several decades.

Thermomix Blade Cover and Peeler VS Mixcover Potato Veggi Peeler

Long criticized for the absence of a peeler, the Thermomix now welcomes this accessory sold alongside the robot. The Mixcover veggi peeler and the Thermomix peeler blade cover are the two leading peeling products for the Thermomix robot.

Lidl SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Connect

You’ve probably heard about theMonsieur Cuisine Connect self-cooker. It is a robot released by Silvercrest, the brand of Lidl. This appliance went on sale on 3 June 2019 in all Lidl stores.

Cuisinart Custom 14, 14 cup food processor DFP-14BCNY

Cuisinart has been a household name since the 1970s. Known for its wide range of high quality products, Cuisinart is back in the spotlight with its new “14-cup” version.

Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro

The Australian manufacturer unveils its latest robot, the Breville Sous Chef 16 pro. Known for its excellent reputation, the manufacturer wishes to continue in this line with its new model.

Full test of the brand new KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper kfc3516

Manufacturers of small household appliances are redoubling their efforts to simplify users’ daily lives by offering them ever more efficient products. Thus, through the KitchenAid 3.

Kenwood Cooking Chef Experience

If you love to bake and cook, the Kenwood Cooking Chef Experience makes many kitchen tasks easier. It is a food processor that helps you succeed in all your favorite recipes every time.

Moulinex Clickchef 1400 W + external steamer

Moulinex has created a nice reputation on the multifunction food processor market. Among others, its two star food processors the Cookeo and the Companion. Since then, the manufacturer has continued to develop ever more affordable products.

Thomson I-Genimix, an ultra compact connected robot

Presentation of the latest robot from Thomson Exclusively available in Carrefour stores, the i-GeniMix multi-function food processor from Thomson is the latest model from the brand.

The Livoo Super Cooker: a serious competitor for the Mister Cuisine Connect?

Livoo, a manufacturer of small appliances at very low prices, has just struck a blow on the market of food processors with its Super Cooker at less than 300€.